Weekly Bonus

The Weekly Bonus section of the Upmytplatform is a new feature for 2023 that allows you to earn extra coins to continue publishing YouTube videos for free and increase YouTube views and video views.

The Upmyt Community is constantly growing thanks to all the YouTubers who contribute to generating YouTube views on the videos published and make the views generated on our platform real and organic.

We are the world’s first platform, made in Italy, capable of increasing YouTube views in a real and especially FREE way. It’s easy to increase YouTube views quickly!

If you need to grow quickly on YouTube and don’t know how to do it, sign up for Upmyt now and start playing with the Weekly Bonus. Watch the videos on the homepage and earn STARS to climb the LEVELS in the BONUS.

Remember, at every level, there is a PRIZE. Claim your prizes immediately!

How Weekly Bonus works

1. What are the stars?

The stars are used to climb the levels in the Bonus section.

2. Assigning stars

  • One star is assigned for every 30-second view.
  • One star is assigned for every user access to the site (every 24 hours).

3. Duration of the bonus and coins

The bonus lasts for 7 days.

Every week, the number of stars for each user is reset and the Bonus starts again.

4. Levels of the Weekly Bonus

The Weekly Bonus consists of 10 levels with different objectives.

Try playing now and climbing all the levels; the more videos you watch, the higher level you can reach.

Don’t waste time, the prizes are waiting for you!

5. Weekly Bonus Prizes

Each level has different objectives and prizes.

The higher the level reached, the greater the reward!

The prizes and objectives of the levels may vary weekly, every time the bonus starts.


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